About Nude Goose

Nude Goose is the home of ‘Earth-first’ effective, natural skincare and was created by Amy and Mark…

Amy is a beauty therapist who has battled with acne and oily skin for most her life. After experimenting and trying to find something natural and beneficial, she discovered the benefit of naturally crafted, waterless skincare. This soon became her passion!

Mark is a sustainable living whizz with a love of Excel spreadsheets, who suffers with very dry, sensitive skin. Amy decided to make him some of her hand-made natural face cream to see if it helped. Let’s just say it had amazing results and, like everyone else who tried it, he loved it. So much so that he and Amy decided to create Nude Goose to show everyone the benefits of natural skincare.

After three years of research and development, Nude Goose launched with three skincare ranges. Our mission is to offer truly clean, functional, natural skincare which also tries its hardest to be environmentally conscious.

Mark & Amy, the founders of Nude Goose wrapped up in warm clothes on a market stall in mid-winter.
Amy and Mark – Founders of Nude Goose

Our Packaging

We want to make better choices with all aspects of our company. So, for our packaging we wanted everything to be recyclable or re-reusable. Many skincare companies use containers that are big and bulky, so have a large carbon footprint. Some use containers that look like bamboo, but these have a plastic internal pot. This is something that we wanted to stay away from by using packaging that can be ‘upcycled’ or recycled. Even our labels are biodegradable.

As a brand we want to try and make sure we have a positive effect on the world. We hope to be able to achieve more of this as we grow. Which is why we have tried our hardest to make our packaging as recyclable as possible.

A selection of natural skincare products in aluminium tins and glass bottles and jars on a white tiled bathroom window sill.
Close up of ripening mangos on a mango tree.

100% Natural

Our Ingredients


Benefits To your skin

Each of our ingredients has been chosen specifically for its skin benefits. Nothing is there as a filler or for texture. We want every ingredient in our skincare to have a purpose and a benefit for you!


Unrefined and Raw

We use raw and unrefined ingredients wherever possible, which will give you the best and continuous results. Choosing raw and unrefined ingredients means that you are getting all the goodness from the plant.


100% Natural

We truly believe that all different skin types and conditions can benefit so much more from natural skincare products. We won’t ever artificially colour or scent our skincare products as there is no benefit to your skin!

simple, Natural Skincare

Our products are the natural colour of the ingredients that we put in them. We only use high quality ingredients, such as essential oils, which work on your skin and senses. Your skincare routine doesn’t need to be a faff or complicated. And you don’t need to layer 10 different things to get the results you want. We want everyone to know good simple skincare for men and women is out there…

In fact, it’s right here and the results have been amazing. Let’s care for our skin and care for our planet at the same time! #NudeNotRude

A 90ml aluminium tin of Skin Boost natural cleansing balm open on a white sink next to a chrome tap.

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