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Upgrade Your Bathtime!

This bathtime recipe is ideal not only as pick me up, but also as a fantastic remedy for tired and achy muscles.

I love a bath, but I find bubble baths drying and irritating for my skin. And I also get so tired of all the synthetic scents. They have their place, but I prefer something fresh and aromatic and a little kinder to the skin. I love a scent that lifts you up and leaves you feeling awakened, invigorated and leaves your skin nourished.

This is my absolute go-to for when I’ve had a heavy leg day at the gym or I just want a clear mind. It’s so easy to do and you just need two things:

  1. Nude Goose Radiance body oil
  2. Soakin Epsom salts

Our radiance body oil makes an amazing bath oil. (To be fair they all do.) But I think the refreshing scent of the Radiance, with rosemary, sweet orange and frankincense, is my first choice. As you fill the bath the revitalising scent fills the bathroom and gently drifts through the house. It awakens your senses and gives you a feeling of invigoration.

The organic sunflower oil restores your skins moisture barrier whilst the sesame works to detox your skin. And combined with grapeseed oil, it leaves your skin soft, nourished and hydrated. It’s the ideal way to keep your skin looking and feeling its best – and it smells great too!

Epsom Salts

The second ingredient is Epsom salts, which are easy to get hold of. We use a brand called Soakin. Epsom salts are rich in magnesium, and they provide a whole host of remedies. They help reduce inflammation and ease tired muscles. They can help you to sleep better, and help to balance your electrolytes. It’s a great to add to your weekly routine.

Firstly, get the bath running. Then add two handfuls of Epsom salts and a tablespoon of Radiance body oil and give it a swirl. Lay back, relax and prepare to have aches and stresses melted away!

Make sure to rinse the bath out well after!

Let us know if you try our invigorating bath idea! We love getting your feedback and getting tagged in your posts!

Amy and Mark

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