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The What, Why & How of our Radiance Skincare Range

Did you know that over 50% of adults still get breakouts and 1/3 of us will have suffered with acne at some point?

That’s a huge proportion of us. I have suffered with acne and breakouts my whole life due to PCOS. So I know exactly what it’s like – from my teens and even into my thirties. In fact, that’s how the radiance range (and even Nude Goose) came about. I saw a HUGE improvement in my skin when I ditched the harsh washes and ‘acne targeting’ treatments and started making my own natural, oil-based skincare. Everywhere, advertisers are telling us to avoid oil as it will block your pores and cause your skin to break out. Well guess what…? That’s absolute nonsense!

Crazy as it sounds, removing too much oil creates more oil. These harsh products disrupt your skin’s protective barrier, leaving it exposed to breakouts. And most of them are full of nasties and chemicals that your skin doesn’t need nor like.

My skin hardly breaks at all now, usually just around my hormonal time. But after years of uncomfortable skin its such a relief to have clear and glowing skin. This range isn’t just for oily or breaking out skin, it’s a wonderful, fresh range for all skin types.

Skincare Routine

Our Radiance range is made up for 4 core products.

  • Cleansing balm
  • Face cream
  • Face oil
  • Body oil

Each one of these products is full of oil-balancing, skin-healing, anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Step 1 – Cleansing Balm

If you’re used to soapy washes this will be strange at first, but trust me, it makes all the difference. We use lightweight mango butter, which is full of Vitamins A and E. Castor oil helps to draw out impurities and also has antibacterial properties. Top that off with oil regulating clary sage, pore unclogging rosemary and our super ingredient turmeric. Your skin is left clear, clean, hydrated and most of all comfortable. The balm will remove excess oil, make up and impurities without disrupting your skins protective layer.

Instructions: Clean and dry your hands. Then, simply massage a butter bean-sized amount into your face for around 60 seconds. Work extra on your troubled areas and then remove with a warm, wet flannel. It also makes a great highlighter on your cheeks – follow with a hydrolat or an alcohol-free toner.

Step 2 – Face Cream

This cream feels lovely and fresh when used on your skin and you’ll be surprised at how easily it’s absorbed.

If you go and check your current moisturiser, it’s likely that you’ll see water (or aqua) as the main ingredient. The higher it is on the ingredients list, the higher the percentage of it there is in the product. It’s a needless ingredient as it does little for your skin – it is there to create texture. The downside to using water is that you need emulsifiers and preservatives. (The sort of things you normally wouldn’t want to be putting on your skin.) And if your cream is padded out with water, it means you’re paying a lot more for the active ingredients.

All of our products are free from additives and chemicals and contain nothing but pure cold pressed ingredients.

The main ingredient in our Radiance face cream is mango butter, which I love! It’s lighter than shea butter and doesn’t block your pores. Mango Butter is antibacterial, full of vitamins and helps to regulate your skins oil production. It’s also great at helping with fine lines. We also use aloe butter to soften, soothe and hydrate your skin. Our creams are a firmer texture than moisturisers that you might be used to, but they are far more effective. Enriched with jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil, turmeric, rosemary and frankincense essential oils, your skin will be left softened, balanced and nourished. These ingredients will also help to reduce breakouts and inflammation. And what’s more, the fresh, citrussy scent is divine too.

Instructions: Clean and dry your hands. Remove a chickpea sized amount and gently warm it with your fingertips to melt the butters. Then massage into your face and neck in an upwards motion.

Step 3 – Face Oil

This is your booster. It’s a great, versatile product that contains more of all those amazing powerful oils. This is great to use at night, or just when you feel like it.

We have chosen grapeseed oil as it’s lovely and lightweight. So, it’s perfect if you have oily skin or just like a lighter product. It’s rich in antioxidants and helps to fade scars and tighten your skin. Jojoba oil is antifungal and antibacterial – exactly what you need to keep your skin clear and bright.

Sea buckthorn is incredibly rich in Vitamin C. It helps to regulate moisture levels and helps with your skin’s renewal process. And with turmeric oil, clary sage, rosemary, frankincense and sweet orange essential oils, it invigorates, balances and heals your skin.

Instructions: Our face oils are designed to be used after you have applied your face cream. Use the dropper to apply 2 – 3 drops to you palm and massage into your face and neck.

Step 4 – Body Oil

This is such a fresh body oil to use. It absorbs into your skin so quickly and has a wonderful sweet orange and frankincense aroma. It keeps your skin soft whilst helping to ease body breakouts.

Instructions: Add a few generous squirts to the palm of your hand and massage into damp skin. For best results, use after a bath or shower.  

So that our radiance range in a nutshell. How it came about, how it works, how it can benefit your skin and how to use it! If your skin is oily or you’re having male, female, teenager or pre-menopausal breakouts, then this range is for you!

For more information on our radiance range or to ask us about your specific skin type, drop us a message. We will always take the time to get back to you!


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