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No Way! Well, we have tested them on willing humans… Does that count? Being cruelty free is essential for us!

If you’re used to a gel-based cream, our products may take a little getting used to. Oil based skincare is incredibly beneficial to all skin types. We use mango butter and aloe butter for the base of our creams which don’t block your pores. If you’re oily we would recommend the radiance range as it regulates your natural oil production.

Absolutely! We have worked very hard to make our packaging as Earth-friendly as possible. Our tins and bottles are all recyclable. You just need to check with your local council regarding the disk insert inside the tin lids. We offer refill bottles to replace your body and face oil so you can keep your droppers and pumps.

We are not doctors and have not made these products for medical conditions. However, we have had great feedback from customers, especially those using the calming range, who have found that it has helped to soothe both eczema and psoriasis. If you suffer with a skin condition, this should not replace your recommended treatment, and you should always test a small amount first.

Water in skincare really is a wasted ingredient. The thought of paying for water rather than active ingredients, just doesn’t sit well with us. If you add water to your skincare products, you also need solutions to combine the water with the oils. It also means that you need to add preservatives into the mix. Not really the sort of thing you want to be putting on your face.

This means that when you buy from Nude Goose, you’re buying products that are 100% natural, 100% clean and 100% free from nasties.

No, it’s perfectly fine to combine them. You can mix between the ranges depending on what your skin is like.

Simply remove a chickpea sized amount and warm it with your fingertips. Then gently massage into your skin.

We use natural vitamin E from sunflower oil. Vitamin E is an amazing antioxidant and prevents our essential oils and oils from oxidising.

No. None of our products have any animal products in, so are 100% vegan. We use candelilla wax not bees wax in our balms. And absolutely no geese!

When creating our ranges, it was important for us to make sure they were as suitable as possible for as many people as possible. For this reason, we have stayed away from almond oil. We do have seed extracts in our products, so we recommend checking our ingredients before buying, just to make sure.

Most the year, just on your shelf is fine. However, our products are 100% natural so you may find that in hot weather, the balm and cream can melt. We recommend keeping them in the fridge in very warm weather or if you go on holiday to a hot climate.

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