Calming Cleansing Balm 30ml – Clearance Sale

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Damaged Packaging & Reduced Stock! We have several products that have scuffed or wonky labels (we’re only human). We have also made fresh batches and have some leftover stock of the older batches which are still perfectly good for the next few months at least. So we are giving you the opportunity to purchase them at a 30% discount.

Our Calming cleansing balm will will leave your skin feeling enriched, plumped and calm. It is the ideal food for dry, sensitive skin. Cleansing, but not drying. This is the ideal trial size or perfect to keep with you. (30ml aluminium tin)

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This balm is scented with beneficial lavender and chamomile essential oils to create a sense of calm. The Calming cleansing balm will will leave your skin feeling enriched, plumped and calm. It is the ideal food for your skin. And the 30ml travel size tin is perfect for fitting in your overnight wash bag or for trying out this alternative to soap.

The Calming Range

This rich and earthy scented range has been created to work on dry and sensitive skin. We have added shea butter to deeply nourish your skin. Avocado oil is an antioxidant and is rich in fatty acids, whilst the oat oil helps with your skins protective layer.

How To Use

Remove a butter bean-sized amount with clean, dry hands. Gently massage into face and neck for around 60 seconds, working more on troubled/congested areas. Rinse a clean flannel under warm water and wipe over face to remove cleansing balm. Follow with appropriate toner ready for moisturising. Double cleanse if wearing makeup. Can be used morning and night.

This also doubles up as a fantastic all-round beauty balm to shield skin from cold and wet weather. It is especially good on elbows and very dry hands to lock in moisture – an all-round skincare essential.


Organic Mango Butter, Unrefined Sheanut Butter, Papaya Seed Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil, Organic Oat Seed Oil, Cold Pressed Avocado Oil, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin E, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, Cold Pressed Sea Buckthorn Oil, English Lavender Essential Oil, Cold Pressed Carrot Seed Oil

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