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Damaged Packaging & Reduced Stock! We have several products that have scuffed or wonky labels (we’re only human). We have also made fresh batches and have some leftover stock of the older batches which are still perfectly good for the next few months at least. So we are giving you the opportunity to purchase them at a 30% discount.

A citrus/floral scented face cream – perfect for all skin types. With berry seeds, this cream is rich in antioxidants to keep your skin soft and help with signs of ageing. (60ml glass jar with aluminium lid).

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This delicate citrus/floral face cream is perfect for anyone with normal skin type looking for an antioxidant rich product to prevent as well as help with signs of aging.

We have used a blend mango butter and aloe butter for the base of this cream. Mango butter is lighter and non-pore blocking compared to the more commonly used shea butter and is full of nutrients such as vitamin A,C and E as well as zinc. Mango butter helps to counteract free radicals, keeping skin looking fresh and young. Aloe is a great addition as it has soothing, hydrating and softening properties.

Our chosen cold pressed oils are raspberry, pomegranate and rosehip seed. All of these oils are full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. They help to stimulate your skin’s collagen and elastin production as well as fight the signs of premature aging. A real boost for your skin.

How To Use

Simply remove a chick pea sized amount, warm in your fingertips and then massage into your face. You can use this cream morning and night after cleansing. Follow with your facial oil if needed.


Organic Mango Butter, Aloe Vera Butter – infused in Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed Raspberry Seed Oil, Cold Pressed Pomegranate Seed Oil, Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Cold Pressed Sea Buckthorn Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil

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